Did You Know articles… (Nov. 2008)

Did You Know articles… (Nov. 2008)2018-01-20T01:54:00+00:00
  • That former spouses of Federal Employees can continue their Federal health insurance coverage beyond divorce?
  • That Dependent Exemptions Can Offset Taxes Dollar per Dollar?
  • That Filing Married Separate Is Such a Bad Choice?
  • That mortgage interest and taxes are not always deductible by the spouse or ex-spouse who paid the mortgage?
  • That you can “bail out” your clients by classifying their fees?
  • That both parents, divorced or separated, can now claim certain tax breaks regarding their children?
  • Faggio Financial now offers Fixed Fee Engagements for Financial Divorce Advisory Services?
  • That actual physical custody of a dependent child determines Head of Household status?
  • That some tax credits follow the dependency exemption and some follow custody?
  • That a reduction in alimony payments, if “tied” to a child’s life event, can be reclassified as non-deductible child support?
  • There are two ways for your clients to get money out of their retirement prior to Age 59 1/2 without penalty?
  • That under certain conditions, a life insurance policy may be converted to a Marital Asset available for distribution to either spouse?

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