Income Taxes

Helping Your Clients Avoid Costly Tax Traps
in Divorce – Beyond the Basics

Webinar Thursday December 7, 2017 1-2 pm (ET) Registration is limited to 30 Participants $79 Registration Cut-off at 10 pm, December 5th This webinar will enable you to alert your clients of the potential tax traps inherent in most divorce cases. The presentation will include dependent exemptions & transfers, alimony recapture, mortgage interest and [...]

How the 2017 Tax Act Impacts Divorce Negotiations, Small Business, and Business Valuations

Seminar Thursday, February 22, 2018 4 - 6:30pm Executive House 10015 Old Columbia Road Suite B-215 Columbia, MD 21044 Early Bird registration (until 2/12/2018) $99 per person $119 after that date Registration cut-off 2/19/2018 Register Now Sandwiches, soft drinks, and coffee will be provided This seminar, designed for attorneys who practice Family Law, [...]

Five Common Mistakes You Must Avoid
to Obtain a Positive Result

Negotiating your separation agreement can be one of the most trying, costly, and long-lasting events in your lifetime. Just like our transition to springtime, a change in attitude and mindset can enhance your chances of a faster and financially positive divorce settlement. To be better informed and able to make the tough decisions that come [...]

5 Potentially Bad Divorce Decisions
(and how to avoid making them)

Going it alone or excluding a Financial Divorce Analyst from your divorce team can lead to bad decisions that will have a negative impact on your future financial security. Here's a short list of the potentially worst decisions that individuals have made and continue to make as emotions take hold. 1. Trading your share [...]

Divorce Financial Planner Using Graphics to Settle Cases

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™ (CDFA) have a unique and effective  "tool" to help individuals understand the potential financial impact that a settlement offer can have on their future finances. If used properly, introducing charts and graphics into settlement discussions can focus all parties on the bigger picture, separate fact from fiction, and make it [...]

One of my favorite tasks – Finding Hidden Income or Assets in Divorce

Finding hidden income or assets in divorce is one of the most challenging yet rewarding service that a CDFA™ or CPA can provide. It can alternatively be frustrating and expensive for the client, providing little or no answers. In any forensic case, I always alert my clients to the probability of little or no [...]

Maryland Divorce Advice – Critical Tax and Financial Issues

I’ve seen it time and time again. When divorcing spouses sign divorce agreements without the guidance of an experienced Financial Divorce Specialist, the result can be significantly higher income taxes and unnecessary penalties for either or both spouses. Many times, the Maryland Separation and Divorce Agreement (MSA) does not address significant tax issues, its [...]