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John Faggio is the managing director of Faggio Financial, LLC (, Maryland's only exclusive matrimonial finance practice. John is a CPA, a Certified Financial Planner® Professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®).

Divorce with a Financial Divorce Analyst™ is a no-brainer

Many times, Divorce Mediation can be the most cost-effective, lowest conflict, process of all of the divorce settlement options. Currently, the majority of divorce mediators are either mental health practitioners or attorneys who help couples make decisions regarding the legal, child custody, and financial issues of the divorce settlement. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA™) [...]

When Financial Divorce Tactics Trump Sound Financial Planning

There are times when a CDFA’s financial recommendations fly straight in the face of sound financial planning strategies. Since 2008, there have been a few cases where the Divorce Financial Planner has apologized to divorcing spouses, “I know you came to me help you get divorced, but we have to address financial survival first.” [...]

Divorce and Income Taxes – How to minimize taxes and avoid pitfalls

Divorce and income taxes - many times, these two issues become so intertwined that they become the "garden hose" of the negotiations, preventing settlement and paying for your attorney's children's education. If you were physically separated or divorced in 2013, there are several critical tax issues that you will need to address when filing [...]

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Divorce Financial Planning is Critical
to Federal Employees and Their Spouses

Divorce Financial Planning is a must for most Federal Employees going through the divorce process. Faced with similar divorce financial and tax issues that others experience, these employees have multiple employee benefits that require special research, analysis, and timely execution of divorce-related documents. Health and Life Insurance Continuing or needing to apply for FEHBP [...]

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Five Critical Divorce Financial Planning Tips

These Divorce Financial Planning Tips are for those starting their journey in what's been acclaimed as "divorce month" in many publications. No matter what month you begin the process, if your financial future is at stake, engaging the services of a CPA Divorce Specialist or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) will be crucial for [...]

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One of my favorite tasks – Finding Hidden Income or Assets in Divorce

Finding hidden income or assets in divorce is one of the most challenging yet rewarding service that a CDFA™ or CPA can provide. It can alternatively be frustrating and expensive for the client, providing little or no answers. In any forensic case, I always alert my clients to the probability of little or no [...]

What You Must Consider in Splitting Pensions in Divorce – Part 1

When splitting a retirement pension in divorce, most times, not necessary to determine the present day value of the pension. In my experience, I have seen spouses and divorce professionals spend unnecessary time, money, and energy in this process when it is a far-gone conclusion that the pension can only be divided by sharing the benefits. [...]

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Women and Divorce – Crucial Information for a Positive Result

Men and women alike can get caught up in the emotional issues of divorce and each have their own financial issues in the process.The addition of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ to the divorce team can help either or both understand their issues and move forward toward an equitable property divorce settlement. Depending upon [...]

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The perfect marriage for a divorce in Maryland

The “marriage” of legal counsel and a Maryland Divorce Financial Planner can provide divorcing spouses with significant financial issues with a definitive edge in their divorce negotiations. Once thought of as an “attorneys only” process, more people are discovering that the addition of a divorce CPA or CDFA™ to handle the financial aspects of [...]

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