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John Faggio is the managing director of Faggio Financial, LLC (, Maryland’s only exclusive matrimonial finance practice. John is a CPA, a Certified Financial Planner® Professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®).

The perfect marriage for a divorce in Maryland

The “marriage” of legal counsel and a Maryland Divorce Financial Planner can provide divorcing spouses with significant financial issues with a definitive edge in their divorce negotiations. Once thought of as an “attorneys only” process, more people are discovering that the addition of a divorce CPA or CDFA™ to handle the financial aspects of [...]

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Maryland Divorce Tips – How to Avoid Alimony Recapture

Alimony payments made in Maryland divorce cases are most times deductible as long as the payments meet the IRS criteria below: Payments must be made in cash or cash equivalents There must be a written separation agreement or court order designating the payments as alimony Neither spouse opts out of the tax treatment of [...]

Divorce Costs in Maryland – How to Get Your Own Stimulus

Depending upon the process that is used, divorce costs in Maryland can destroy a family's finances. Whether it's Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, or litigation, thousands of dollars can be wasted and paid to professionals prior to the creation and acceptance of a Maryland Separation and Divorce Agreement. Retained divorce professionals can help you significantly reduce [...]

Divorce and Business Ownership- A “Tangled Web”

Divorce and closely-held business interests owned by either spouse is a combination that can add significant challenges and costs to a negotiated Marital Separation and Divorce Agreement. Under Maryland divorce laws, business ownership (100% or partial) is considered Marital Property if the ownership was started or the business has increased in value during the [...]

Maryland Divorce Advice – Five Really Big Mistakes that Increase Costs

I have seen a recurring pattern in many Maryland divorce property settlement negotiations. Whether it is a Collaborative, Cooperative, Litigated, or Mediated case, these mistakes do nothing but delay the inevitable and increase the costs of the divorce. Holding on to the garden hose A divorce attorney told me about a case where the [...]

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Maryland Divorce Advice for Women
7 Tips to Avoid Financial Disaster

A Divorce in Maryland can be very expensive. It can leave either spouse at risk for financial disaster, including bankruptcy. Advance divorce financial planning will greatly improve one's chances of an equitable settlement. These practical measures can take to minimize your costs or, at least, keep them under control: Do not get stuck on [...]

Retirement Accounts and Divorce – Fed VCP a hidden asset?

Maryland ranks as one of the states with the highest number of Federal employees with approximately 260,000 at the end of 2010. With the national divorce rate still hovering around 50%, it stands to reason that a significant number of Maryland Separation and Divorce Agreements (MSA) will cover at least one Federally-employed spouse. In most [...]

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Are Alimony Guidelines Used in Maryland Cases Reliable?

In most Maryland divorce cases that I have been involved in, divorce attorneys refer to available Guidelines to give them parameters for assessing possible alimony amounts and term. The two Guideline tools readily available are those produced by the American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys (AAML) and what is commonly referred to as the Kaufman [...]

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