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John Faggio is the managing director of Faggio Financial, LLC (, Maryland's only exclusive matrimonial finance practice. John is a CPA, a Certified Financial Planner® Professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®).

The Ten Biggest Divorce Financial Errors – Part 1

The following are the ten biggest divorce financial errors to avoid during settlement negotiations. Consult with a financial divorce specialist to protect yourself and your children financially. 1 – Emotional Attachment to Assets It is natural to have an emotional attachment to a company pension, family home, or artwork purchased over the years while you [...]

Mitigating the Financial Effects of Divorce – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, divorce will probably result in a significant measure of financial loss for most ordinary people. If you are getting divorced, it is very important to seek both financial and legal advice. Part 2 will cover several more important ways that will mitigate the financial effects of divorce. Support Team The [...]

Mitigating the Financial Effects of Divorce – Part 1

Divorce will likely result in a significant measure of financial loss for most ordinary people.  Contested divorces typically cost more than $20,000 in court costs and legal fees. However, there will be other costs that are indirect that should be considered. Divorce results in supporting two households, which may be twice as expensive than maintaining [...]

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Coping with Your Divorce’s Financial Impact – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, divorce can be devastating on finances. Being knowledgeable about your obligations and rights can decrease the costs and lessen the anguish of divorce. Part 2 will discuss Division of Property and Financial Impact. Division of Property Without a prenuptial agreement, state divorce laws determine how assets will be divided. Arizona, [...]

Five Common Mistakes You Must Avoid
to Obtain a Positive Result

Negotiating your separation agreement can be one of the most trying, costly, and long-lasting events in your lifetime. Just like our transition to springtime, a change in attitude and mindset can enhance your chances of a faster and financially positive divorce settlement. To be better informed and able to make the tough decisions that come [...]

Providing spouses penalty-free access to
retirement funds in divorce

Tactical financial divorce advice is particularly critical when it comes to splitting the retirement plans. This article shows how one or both spouses can avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty. Divorce Settlement Many spouses caught in the trauma of the divorce settlement process face the same problem. They have a need for cash but most [...]

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Five Critical Factors That Must Be Evaluated For a Positive Result

You can dramatically improve your chances of starting your new life on sound financial footing if you look beyond the divorce settlement and analyze the impact that your decisions will have on your finances in the short and long-term future. For example, the decision of who will own and occupy the family home certainly has [...]

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Coping with Your Divorce’s Financial Impact – Part 1

The greatest impact of divorce is typically its devastating effect on the family. However, divorce can also be devastating on family finances. Studies have found that spouses who divorce will have to generate 30% more income in order to maintain their lifestyles. Being knowledgeable about your obligations and rights is the best way to decrease [...]

Women and Divorce – Warnings from a Divorce Financial Analyst

Researchers for a University of Utah Report on Divorce cite the following statistics: About one in three women who own a home and have children at home when they divorce lose their homes. Three of four divorced mothers do not receive full payment of child support About one in five women fall into poverty as [...]